End of year review 2022

While we have been struggling with the various problems we face such as climate change, Putin and his nasty little war, supply chain issues, inflation, SCOTUS, Trump (possibly) resurgent and, here in the UK, the disaster of Brexit and having the worst prime minister in British history replaced by an even worse prime minister, spare … Read more

Jon Fosse: Naustet (Boathouse)

The latest addition to my website is Jon Fosse‘s Naustet (Boathouse). This is an early Fosse novel but still recognisable as part of his exploration of the dark Norwegian soul. Baard is in his thirties but still lives with his mother and has no job except occasionally playing guitar at weddings and dances. One day … Read more

Vassily Aksyonov: Апельсины из Марокко [Oranges from Morocco]

The latest addition to my website is Vassily Aksyonov‘s Апельсины из Марокко [Oranges from Morocco]. This book, Aksyonov’s second novel ,was something of a cult book in the Soviet Union, not least because it mildly (but only mildly) criticised the Soviet Union. It is interesting as it is set in Kamchatka. Not many Russian novels … Read more

Marvel Moreno: En diciembre llegaban las brisas (December Breeze)

The latest addition to my website is Marvel Moreno‘s En diciembre llegaban las brisas (December Breeze). Marvel Moreno tells a series of interlinked stories, many of which show the cruelty of men towards women. Colombia is clearly a very patriarchal society and many of the women in this book suffer under it, with the men … Read more

Sevgi Soysal: Şafak (Dawn)

The latest addition to my website is Sevgi Soysal‘s Şafak (Dawn). The story, partially based on the author’s own life is set in Adana, where Oya is in internal exile after a spell in prison. The period is during the Turkish military giovernment in 1971, when martial law has been imposed. She is invited to … Read more