Nino Haratischwili: Mein sanfter Zwilling (My Soul Twin)

The latest addition to my website is Nino Haratischwili‘s Mein sanfter Zwilling (My Soul Twin). Stella’s parents divorced when she she was six and she and her sister went to live with her father’s Aunt Tulia, as their mother had gone to the USA with her boyfriend. They were joined by Ivo, son of their father’s mistress, who had since died, whom Stella’s father had adopted. Stella and Ivo are clearly close, perhaps too close. However, as adults, Ivo had gone to the USA where he was a successful journalist, while Stella had married Mark and they had a son. When after a long period, Ivo returns to Germany, Stella slowly falls apart. It is clear that they had some sort of relationship when younger and equally clear that neither has got over it and cannot do so, even though they and their family know that it is not a good idea. When Ivo goes to Georgia (the country) he asks Stella to join him as, he says, it will be key to explaining their relationship but why is Georgia, a country she knows nothing about, so important and what will be the effect on her relationship with her husband, son and family?

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