Marvel Moreno: En diciembre llegaban las brisas (December Breeze)

The latest addition to my website is Marvel Moreno‘s En diciembre llegaban las brisas (December Breeze). Marvel Moreno tells a series of interlinked stories, many of which show the cruelty of men towards women. Colombia is clearly a very patriarchal society and many of the women in this book suffer under it, with the men being cruel, selfish and feeling that they have a divine right to rule. Some of the women go along with the patriarchy, others try to revolt, not always successfully. Not all the men are bad (though virtually all the major male characters are) while many of the women are far from being saints, though many are victims. Moreno gives us considerable detail, particularly as regards sex, and tells us quite a few complex stories which make for interesting but at times grim reading.

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