Antonio Soler: El sueño del caimán (The Alligator’s Trap)

The latest addition to my website is Antonio Soler‘s El sueño del caimán (The Alligator’s Trap). Our unnamed hero is a Spaniard working as a receptionist in a hotel in Toronto. A customer – Luis Bielsa – arrives. Our hero recognises him but he does not recognise our hero. We gradually learn that our hero had been involved in an attempt to blow up an ammunition dump in Spain in 1956 but it had gone wrong. Our heroes and others had been imprisoned and tortured for which Bielsa, nominally on their side, may have been to blame. We learn what happened then and subsequently while our hero considers what he will do now. Above all this book is about memories as our hero juggles with his memories, now present, now repressed but but, as with the arrival of Bielsa, always liable to come to the fore. This is a superb novel about both memories and hiow they affect us and a good story as we gradually learn what happened.

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