Man Booker long list

They have announced the Man Booker long list for 2013. Every year, I vow that I shall keep away from it and every year I succumb. I have only read one of the books but will probably read more. I would guess that the two Irish men – Colum McCann and Colm Tóibín must be … Read more

The contemporary Mexican novel

In the twentieth century, as far as I was concerned, the most interesting novel writing was coming from the United States. This is not to say that there was not a lot of interesting novels been written elsewhere – of course there was – but that, overall, the US had the most interesting, innovative writers. … Read more

Jim Crace: Harvest

The latest addition to my website is Jim Crace‘s Harvest. Crace has said that this is his final novel. It is an excellent novel, telling the story of an unnamed (not only by the author but by the characters) village somewhere in England, at the time of the enclosure of the common land. At the … Read more

Reviving the dead in literature

I have to confess that we read the Telegraph at the weekend, primarily for the crossword, a Saturday morning treat, Helen Yemm‘s gardening column and, of course, to get a perspective on what the old colonels are thinking this week. We even visited Helen Yemm’s garden when she had an open day a few weeks … Read more