Robert Irwin: Tom’s Version

The latest addition to my website is Robert Irwin‘s Tom’s Version. This is a sort of follow-up to his previous book The Runes Have Been Cast but it stands on its own. The eponymous Tom meets Molly at an encounter group. Tom is an Irish would-be poet warehouse manager and somewhat naive. He gets unwittingly … Read more

Rupert Thomson: Dartmouth Park

The latest addition to my website is Rupert Thomson‘s Dartmouth Park. Our narrator is Philip Notman, a fifty-something historian. At the beginning of the book he is attending a conference in Bergen, where he meets a fellow and younger academic, Inés. There is a spark but nothing happens. However on the way home he has … Read more

Patrick Langley:The Variations

The latest addition to my website is Patrick Langley‘s The Variations. The book tells the story of people affected with the gift and the Agnes’s Hospice for Acoustically Gifted Children, which cares for them. The gift means that they can commune with the dead and are attuned to musical resonances (and are often talented musicians). However … Read more

Patrick Langley: Arkady

The latest addition to my website is Patrick Langley‘s Arkady. This is a dystopian novel in a country that is much like Britain. Indeed, it was published five years ago and is looking more prescient today. Two young boys – Jackson and Frank – are on holiday in Spain with their parents. Their mother disappears … Read more

Ellis Sharp: Concrete Impressions

The latest addition to my website is Ellis Sharp‘s Concrete Impressions. This is a wickedly funny post-modern satire, bashing non-post-modern novelists, politicians, the upwardly mobile rich, Zionists, the media, the United States and the Establishment. It tells of Mick Owen, the greatest writer of his generation. He is clearly an amalgam of the likes of … Read more