Sigurd Hoel: Møte ved Milepelen (Meeting at the Milestone)

The latest addition to my website is Sigurd Hoel‘s Møte ved Milepelen (Meeting at the Milestone). Published only two years after World War II, this book had considerable impact in Norway, as it deals with the issue of Norwegian collaboration with the Nazis. Our unnamed narrator has provided a safe house for the Resistance and … Read more

Norwegian literature

Every year around this time, I read only books from one country. As we are hoping to visit Norway for the first time later this year, I have selected this country. Norwegian literature is too vast to give anything more than a relatively brief summary, which I shall do, focussing on authors and works available … Read more

Fiona Snyckers: Lacuna

The latest addition to my website is Fiona Snyckers‘ Lacuna. J M Coetzee‘s Booker Prize-winning novel Disgrace was controversial, particularly for the scene where Lucy Lurie is raped by three black men. The book was criticised for being racist, showing black men as violent, but also for sexism as Lucy is seen as passive, refusing … Read more

Karen Duve: Regenroman (Rain)

The latest addition to my website is Karen Duve‘s Regenroman (Rain). Leon Ulbricht is an unsuccessful writer when his friend Harry Klaamt gets him the job of writing a biography of Harry’s boss, Benno Pfitzner, a former boxer and current pimp and thug. With the advance, Leon, with his docile but attractive wife Martina, buys … Read more