Lars Saabye Christensen: Beatles (Beatles)

The latest addition to my website is Lars Saabye Christensen‘s . The novel tells the stories of four Norwegian boys/young men from 1965 (when they are fourteen) to 1972. Initially, they are fairly conventional – they like pop music (and, obviously, the Beatles in particular, each one adopting the name of one of the Fab Four) and football, clash with their parents and often misbehave. As they grow older, girls, drugs and politics enter their lives. They are anti-the Vietnam War and US imperialism and opposed to Norway joining the EEC. They all have girlfriend problems and all struggle with where they are going in life. The book gradually gets darker as drugs and mental health issues come into the picture. The book gives a picture of Norway when, as elsewhere, things were changing, and our four heroes – and other characters – cannot always cope with this new world,

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