Robert Coover: Open House

The latest addition to my website is Robert Coover‘s Open House. There is a party going on in the penthouse suite in a Manhattan high-rise but nobody know who is giving it, who owns the suite and what the party is for. There are free drinks and food and people just seem to drift in, … Read more

Fausta Cialente: Ballata Levantina (The Levantines)

The latest addition to my website is Fausta Cialente‘s Ballata Levantina (The Levantines). This novel tells the story of well-to-do European expatriates (primarily but certainly not exclusively Italian) living in Egypt (primarily Alexandria) from the 1920s to the end of World War II. Our heroine is Daniela. Her grandmother, Francesca, had been a successful dancer … Read more

Mia Couto: O Bebedor de horizonte (The Drinker of Horizons)

The latest addition to my website is Mia Couto‘s O Bebedor de horizonte (The Drinker of Horizons). This is the final book in his Sands of the Emperor trilogy about Portugal’s colonial war in Mozambique in the nineteenth century. In this book, the Portuguese under Captain Joaquim Augusto Mouzinho de Albuquerque have defeated the Gaza … Read more

Ellis Sharp: Concrete Impressions

The latest addition to my website is Ellis Sharp‘s Concrete Impressions. This is a wickedly funny post-modern satire, bashing non-post-modern novelists, politicians, the upwardly mobile rich, Zionists, the media, the United States and the Establishment. It tells of Mick Owen, the greatest writer of his generation. He is clearly an amalgam of the likes of … Read more