Anne Enright: The Wren

The latest addition to my website is Anne Enright‘s The Wren. This novel tells off three generations, an irresponsible but apparently great Irish poet, his wife, their daughters and granddaughter. Phil, the poet, will abandon his wife, Terry, when she gets breast cancer and, as he goes to the US, essentially abandons his daughters, though … Read more

Jan Carson : The Fire Starters

The latest addition to my website is Jan Carson ‘s The Fire Starters. This novel is set in Belfast sixteen years after The Troubles. The local authorities have restricted the heights of the traditional Eleventh Night tall bonfires to below thirty feet. However an arsonist has been starting fires above thirty feet on public buildings, … Read more

Pat Gray: Mr. Narrator

The latest addition to my website is Pat Gray‘s Narrator. The narrator is called, yes, Mr (Basil) Narrator. He is in (a fictitious) Morocco working for a British engineering firm and trying to get a project fior a pump-house approved which had been on track but now is not. This seemingly requires getting to the … Read more

Patrick McCabe:

The latest addition to my website is Patrick McCabe‘s Poguemahone. The title is the Irish for kiss my arse. Our main characters are Una and Dan Fogarty Now (2019) Una has dementia and is in a care home in southern England, where she causes a certain amount of disruption while Dan takes care of her. … Read more

Pat Gray: The Redemption Cut

The latest addition to my website is Pat Gray‘s The Redemption Cut. In one respect this is your standard detective story – maverick cop ignores his bosses, the rules and “modern policing techniques” to solve the crime. However, it is set in Belfast in 1976 during The Troubles in Northern Ireland and the cop, McCann, … Read more