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Sylvie Germain: Jours de colère (Days of Anger)

The latest addition to my website is Sylvie Germain‘s Jours de colère (Days of Anger). This book, a reissue by publishers Dedalus, is a classic modern French novel, mixing Gothic and Greek tragedy in a remote wooded area of France. Ambroise Maupertuis witnesses an altercation between Vincent Corvol and his wife Catherine and blackmails him into handing over his forests and his daughter Claude to marry Maupertuis’ son Ephraim. Ephraim prefers the gargantuan Fat-Ginnie and is disowned and disinherited by his father when he marries her and they produce nine sons, all born on 15 August. Maupertuis makes Marceau, his second son, marry Claude and they have a daughter Camille, the spitting image of her grandmother Catherine. However, when Camille finally grows up and meets the nine brothers, things go drastically wrong. This is a superb poetic novel which deservedly has a great reputation in France.

Brian Keogh: Le Fanu’s Angel

The latest addition to my website is Brian Keogh‘s Le Fanu’s Angel. Our hero is Kiran Sheridan Le Fanu, who may be related to the Irish writer Sheridan Le Fanu. At the beginning of he book, he has been involved in a serious car crash. His boss, the driver, has been killed and he is badly injured. Indeed, he thinks he is dead, a feeling he will continue to have throughout the book. While in hospital he is visited by a demon who wants to kill him but also a guardian angel, Aoife. His uncle, who founded the advertising agency, where Kieran works, planned to pass it on to Kieran but lost his money on a property deal and then disappeared. Before the accident, Kieran was a nice guy but not very forceful. After the accident, with the help of his guardian angel and strengthened by his fight with the forces of darkness, he takes up the fight to regain the agency. This is a thoroughly enjoyable mock-Gothic novel – good vs evil, the dark underbelly of Ireland and death as a way of life.

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