Robert Coover: Open House

The latest addition to my website is Robert Coover‘s Open House. There is a party going on in the penthouse suite in a Manhattan high-rise but nobody know who is giving it, who owns the suite and what the party is for. There are free drinks and food and people just seem to drift in, … Read more

Cormac McCarthy: The Passenger

The latest addition to my website is Cormac McCarthy‘s The Passenger. Published when he was eighty-nine, it is clear that McCarthy can still write a first-class novel. Our hero is Bobby Western. Two things initially cause him misery – the suicide of his twin sister, whom he was in love with and the fact that … Read more

Jonathan Franzen: Crossroads

The latest addition to my website is Jonathan Franzen‘s Crossroads. This is another huge book from Franzen telling the story of a dysfunctional family (church minister father, mother, three sons and one daughter) set in New Prospect, Illinois, in the early 1970s. None of the characters can be said to be evil but all bar … Read more

Richard Powers: Bewilderment

The latest addition to my website is Richard Powers‘ Bewilderment. This is another superb novel from Powers, about a widower, Theo, an astrobiologist bringing up a highly intelligent and very sensitive son, Robin who does not fit in and does not want to attend school. Indeed, he really wants to be another Greta Thunberg. To … Read more