Stephen Paul Foster: Fatal Friendship

The latest addition to my website is Stephen Paul Foster‘s Fatal Friendship. This is a postmodern, philosophical novel. Involving two well-to-do, very intellectual friends, based in St Louis. Nearly all the characters (or, perhaps all, as there may well be some I did not spot) are named after someone else,mainly philosophers (many of which I had not heard of) and we get numerous quotations and postmodern jokes. The basic plot is that the well-to-do Rich brutally murders his girlfriend (not the first woman he has murdered) and flees the country. He returns is arrested and tried. His best friend friend revises his views of him. The book is also concerned with the Hobbesian vs Rousseau view, namely are humans inherently good or inherently bad? With the philosophy, the plot and the postmodernism, this is an enjoyable read.

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