Philippe Sollers:Femmes (Women)

The latest addition to my website is Philippe SollersFemmes (Women). In this novel, Sollers moved away from his short experimental novel to a long everything novel. It is narrated by an American journalist, Will, who is partially based on Sollers, not least because he is writing a novel called Femmes (Women). Will is happily married, yet has many affairs and is clearly misogynistic, as he damns women generally (The world belongs to women. In other words, to death )as well as his various lovers. He even finds out about various subversive feminist organisations, aiming at nothing more nor less than a secret takeover of world power. However he covers a wide range of other topics, including the French intellectual scene where we we meet a host of very thinly disguised French luminaries, including a Frenchman who is clearly Sollers himself, culture, particularly but not only art and literature, religion (he is Catholic and the Pope phones him up), politics and gossip galore. The misogyny is a bit tiresome but the rest makes for fascinating and varied reading.

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