Jan Kjaerstad: Forføreren (The Seducer)

The latest addition to my website is Jan Kjaerstad‘s Forføreren (The Seducer). This novel is about Jonas Wergeland, a TV documentary producer, who charms everybody (hence the title) though women adore his magic penis. At the start of the novel he arrives home from Seville to find his wife has been murdered. We jump backward and forward as we follow his life. He has had huge success in Norway, making colourful documentaries of famous Norwegians, which has enabled him to travel the world and given him many adventures, from meeting Chairman Mao to almost being eaten by a polar bear. We learn of his childhood as well as of his current adventures, the twenty-three women in his life, and how he became the success he is today, culminating in the death of his wife. For me, however, the main character is the narrator who plays no role other than to narrate and who mocks the Norwegians, the characters and life.

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