Jon Fosse: Morgon og kveld (Morning and Evening)

The latest addition to my website is Jon Fosse‘s Morgon og kveld (Morning and Evening) . We first meet Johannes as he is being born, the second child of Marta and Olai. When we next see him, he is old and aching. His beloved wife, Erna, is long since dead as is his best friend Peter. He has seven children, all grown-up. His favourite, Signe, his youngest, lives nearby with her family. This morning he feels more sprightly than usual and things seem to look different. He sets out for his usual morning walk and, to his surprise, sees Peter by the shore. He throws stones at Peter but they pass through him. Peter takes him out fishing but his lure will not sink. At the dock, Peter has his usual bag of crabs for old Miss Pettersen, who Johannes was sure died a year or two ago but, as they leave she comes for her crabs. He returns home and Peter then takes him out again. We are not going anywhere, Peter tells him. This is another superb and original book from Fosse.

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