Michel Houellebecq: Anéantir [Annihilate]

The latest addition to my website is Michel Houellebecq‘s Anéantir [Annihilate]. This is a fairly typical Houellebecq novel. It opens in late 2026. There are three main plot lines: a group of terrorists initially sends out some highly sophisticated CGI videos, using a technology not thought possible, and which appear initially on French government sites … Read more

A reading list in response to the Paris attacks

The Syndicat de la librairie française (the French booksellers’ association) has put out a reading list of books to read following the terrorist atacks in Paris. The list is, of course, in French and nearly all the books are non-fiction, though there is one fiction work I have read: Mathias Enard‘s Boussole [Compass], not yet … Read more