Stella Gaitano: رواح إدو (Edo’s Souls)

The latest addition to my website is Stella Gaitano‘s رواح إدو (Edo’s Souls).This is the story of South Sudan, with the background being the upheavals that led to South Sudan breaking away from Sudan, something that affects most of the protagonists. Edo had the misfortune to lose nine of her ten children before their first … Read more

Edward Upward: The Rotten Elements

The latest addition to my website is Edward Upward‘s The Rotten Elements, the second in his Spiral Ascent Trilogy, about communism in Britain in the middle of the last century. This one follows several years after the first one and starts some time after World War II. Alan and Elsie Sebrill are married with two … Read more

Paul Atanya: Bloodshed in Mana

The latest addition to my website is Paul Atanya‘s Bloodshed in Mana, the first novel from South Sudan on my website. The novel follows a traditional African theme, that of the coming of the white man to violently replace an idyllic African culture, though with a slight twist. The culture is that of the Mana … Read more