The latest addition to my website is Ibrahim Al-Koni‘s ـلـيـل فـي حـق الـنـهـار، روايـ (The Night Will Have Its Say). The book is set in the late seventh/early eighth centuries in North Africa during the Umayyad Caliphate. The Ummayyads are aiming to conquer the Berbers to convert them to Islam but the Berbers, under al-Kahina, a woman leader, are resisting. Kahina is not opposed to Islam, only to how the Arabs are applying it, i.e. using it as an excuse to obtain territory and booty. We follow her and how she resists the Arabs both intellectually and militarily . We know she will lose but for us and for al-Koni, it is clear that, despite her mistakes, her stance had been correct, being more open-minded, thinking of the people and giving women a greater role to play. Al-Koni makes his point well and no doubt his message is relevant today and not just just as regards Islam.