Manuel Rivas: O último día de Terranova (The Last Days of Terranova)

The latest addition to my website is Manuel Rivas‘O último día de Terranova (The Last Days of Terranova). In 2014 Vicenzo Fontana is having to close his beloved bookshop in a small Galician town, as the owners will not renew the lease and want to sell the property for development. The book is the ruminations … Read more

The Independent Publisher Crisis

I have pointed out several times that the most interesting books being published in translation into English are being published by small, independent publishers. While all parts of the book trade are being hit by Covid-19, the independent publishers, often run on a shoestring with few not very well paid staff, are being particularly hit. … Read more

Livraria Lello, Porto

A long weekend in Porto revealed a few things, one of which is that it is wetter and colder in Porto than in (the South of) England. We visited the Livraria Lello, a bookshop famous for its appearance. As you can see from my not very good photo to the left, it is certainly an … Read more

Ateneo bookshop

I have just returned from the one continent that has no native born writers (though it does have a few native born people). It also has one bookshop, as the Port Lockroy bookshop in the British Post Office sells a few books. I am, of course referring to Antarctica. However, en route we stopped in … Read more