Jabra Ibrahim Jabra : البحث البحث عن وليد مسعودد (In Search of Walid Masoud)

The latest addition to my website is Jabra Ibrahim Jabra‘s البحث البحث عن وليد مسعودد (In Search of Walid Masoud). Walid Masoiud is a Palestinian who fought for Palestine after the Nakba but has since moved ro Baghdad, where he has become a banker, a womaniser and an author, though still a supporter of the Palestinian cause. One day he seemingly disappears, leaving an abandoned car on a remote toad and a mysterious tape. The book is more about the various circle of his friends discussing the man and who he is, though they all speculate as to what might have happened to him, the general consensus being that he is dead. We learn of the many interactions between Walid, other Palestinian exiles and a few locals, with sex and intellectual discussion being high on the list. We learn a lot about the man and his story as well as the stories of many of his circle with all speculating what might have happened to him. It is a complex but fascinating book.

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