Belén Gopegui:Quédate este día y esta noche conmigo ( Stay This Day And Night With Me)

The latest addition to my website is Belén Gopegui‘s Quédate este día y esta noche conmigo ( Stay This Day And Night With Me). This is a novel about Google. We start with a Google intern receiving a non-standard job application. It is 50, 000 words, on paper, not submitted digitally and submitted by two people jointly, Olga and Mateo (noo surname given). Olga (62) and Mateo (22) are from Southern Spain and Mateo wants to apply for Google so they decide on this non-conventional method. The application is their story though much much of it is highly critical of Google (its inflexibility, its lack of humanity, its staff primarily recruited from the elite , the fact that it is only really interested in selling us toasters and more) but the two also discuss other subjects such as AI, robotics, poverty in Southern Europe and the human spirit. Both have their own issues, issues, of course, of which Google neither knows nor cares about. Mateo even considers making a bomb (instructions readily available on Google.) I thoroughly enjoyed this book, clearly a very original work which makes a lot of very valid points while still managing to tell a good story.

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