Nikolaj Frobenius: Latours katalog (De Sade’s Valet)

The latest addition to my website is Nikolaj Frobenius‘s Latours katalog (De Sade’s Valet). The focus is on Latour, the historical valet of the Marquis de Sade, though his story is much invented by Frobenius. His mother was the most repulsive woman in France, his father an escaped convict. He shows a nasty side as a child but also shows a keen interest in anatomy. When his mother dies, he heads for Paris, firstly to avenge the people who caused grief to his mother (he has a list) and secondly to study anatomy. Working in a brothel, he meets the Marquis de Sade and joins him on his travels, his stays in prison and his perverted life. We follow the life of the two and, later of the police officer trying to track down de Sade but also the murderer of the people on Latour’s list. There are lots of unpleasantnesses in this novel so it is not for the squeamish but Frobenius tells a good tale.

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