Knut Faldbakken: Aftenlandet (Twilight Country)

The latest addition to my website is Knut Faldbakken‘s Aftenlandet (Twilight Country). This is a low-key dystopian novel set in Sweetwater (the English name is used in the original Norwegian), in an unnamed industrial country. Things are not going well (but not too badly either). Allan Ung, his young wife Lisa and their four-year old son, Boy, have had enough of their small flat, with no garden in an insalubrious area so, when they get hold of a non-functioning but useable camper van, they move to the Dump, an area which was to be developed for a port but never was and is now an official and unofficial dump. Allan had given up his work as an architect, a job he hated, and works in a petrol station and will continue to work there part-time. There are a few (very few) others doing the same and they work together and survive as we gradually (very gradually) watch society go downhill. There is a bit of violence but very localised and no big bangs but we get climate change and the gradual breakdown of society as Allan, Lisa and Boy struggle to survive.

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