Ramiro Sanchiz: Trashpunk

The latest addition to my website is Ramiro Sanchiz‘s Trashpunk. Trashpunk, a term coined by Sanchiz, is the developing country version of cyberpunk. This book consists of several stories but the main one concerns a writer called Federico Stahl (Sanchiz’s usual alter ego) who, through his friend Rex, a serious drug user, meets Enrique Wollfig, an old man living in a flat in Montevideo surrounded by masses of antiquated computer equipment but which houses an artificial intelligence which has a mind of its own and wants to communicate with humans but can only do so through the use of drugs. Rex tries and enjoys it but does not communicate with it so then it is Federico’s turn. The other stories touch on similar themes – the idea of an artificial intelligence, initially created by humans but which then takes on a mind of its own. There is a Southern Cone sci-fi/cyberpunk movement of which this is a part but sadly not available in English.

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