The latest addition to my website is Sonia Nimr‘s الاتمرتبة الأولى في جائزة الاتصالات (Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands). Our narrator/heroine is Qamar. Her father lived in a remote Palestinian village. When he was thirteen, he was allowed to visit the city with his father, He discovered a book – Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands – and the daughter of the bookshop owner. She gives him the book and five years later he is back and marries her. They have twins, one of whom is Qamar. When her parents die, she decides to follow her parents’ dream and travel, something that is very risky for a woman on her own at that time (early-mid 19th century?) and in that region. She does, however, and has many adventures, including being enslaved, being a pirate and other Arabian Nights-style adventures. The book has lots of colourful tales and is a thoroughly enjoyable read.