Volter Kilpi: Gulliverin matka Fantomimian mantereelle (Gulliver’s Voyage to Phantomimia)

The latest addition to my website is Volter Kilpi‘s Gulliverin matka Fantomimian mantereelle (Gulliver’s Voyage to Phantomimia). This is the first Kilpi novel to be translated into English but was not completed as Kilpi died before he could finish it. It tells of the fifth voyage of Lemuel Gulliver, including a ship getting trapped in a vortex and the (18th century) survivors getting rescued and finding themselves in the 20th century. Translator Doug Robinson claims to have transcreated this novel. He has added his own very post-modern story about the finding of the manuscript, translated the text into 18th century language and also completed the novel, based on the ideas Kilpi left to his son. His transcreation is likely to be controversial, though his post-modern story about the manuscript worked more for me than his Trumpian King Dick the Stiff in the completion.

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