João Gilberto Noll: Hotel Atlântico (UK: Hotel Atlântico; US: Atlantic Hotel)

The latest addition to my website is João Gilberto Noll‘s Hotel Atlântico (UK: Hotel Atlântico; US: Atlantic Hotel). Our nameless hero is seemingly a man whose identity is unclear and not just to us. He drifts around Brazil, apparently having no family or friends and no fixed abode. Indeed, he does not have any luggage. He has casual sex with three women and sees three dead bodies of women. He has no specific destination but just arbitrarily heads to the next place. He is nearly killed. His body is deteriorating. He takes on various identities, not wilfully but almost by accident. Several of the other characters are not what they seem and also seem to be drifting. It is all vague and about how we are losing the idea of who we are and where we are going.

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