Adriana Lisboa: Azul-corvo (Crow Blue)

The latest addition to my website is Adriana Lisboa‘s Azul-corvo (Crow Blue). Our heroine is Evangelina, known as Vanja, a thirteen year old, born in the US but who has spent most of her life in Brazil with her Brazilian mother, Suzana. Like most of the women in the family, Suzana dies young and Vanja is left with Elisa, her mother’s foster-sister. She tracks down Fernando, her mother’s ex-husband and her legal (but not biological) father, in the United States. She contacts Fernando, a former Brazilian guerrilla, and he takes her in. With his help and the help of Carlos, the son of illegal Salvadorean immigrants, she endeavours to track down her biological father, who may not even know of her existence. The issue of who our real parents are, of the issues surrounding immigration, both legality and cultural aspects as well as the guerrilla war in Brazil are all key to this excellent novel.

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