The latest addition to my website is A. G. Porta‘s Me llamo Vila-Matas, como todo el mundo [My Name is Vila-Matas, Like Everyone. This is a short absurdist book, consisting of a dialogue between two unnamed people, who are called Vila-Matas, like everyone. The basic premise is that the Spanish writer Enrique Vila-Matas has come to New York to appear in an Off-Broadway version of one of his books. However, Allison, the promoter, has disappeared and Vila-Matas is searching for her (both in the real world and in various books), while also putting on two plays of his own. Meanwhile, our two dialoguers are discussing Vila-Matas and his search, the future of the novel, absurdist literature, the theatre and similar topics, all the while maintaining that they are Enrique Vila-Matas like everyone, except, of course, when they are someone else. It is clever, it is witty, it is absurdist. Like everything else.