W V Tilsley: Other Ranks

A few years go I read W V Tilsley‘s Other Ranks. This is an account of a soldier in Word War I. It was originally published in 1931 and never republished. It was very hard (if not almost impossible) to find a copy. As a result of my review, I was contacted by a lady. She was determined to get the book published and worked very hard to do so. I am happy to report that it has now been republished and you can get it direct from the publisher, Unicorn Publishing. Their website says of them Unicorn Publishing Group LLP is a leading independent publisher with three distinct imprints: Unicorn, specialising in the visual arts and cultural history; Uniform, specialising in military history; and Universe, specialising in historical fiction. I would highly recommend this book, particularly if you are interested in accounts of war, World War I or simply good writing. Hopefully the book will now become better known.

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  1. Tom McSorley

    I have a copy of the 1931 First Edition of the book. There is a lengthy dedication in the front which is signed Vin. Just wondered if that could be Tilsley whose initials were W. V. ?

    1. Joanna Tilsley

      Vin is the author W.V. Tilsley, eldest brother of Frank Tilsley, my grandfather. His birth name was William Vincent, but he always went by his middle name, and was known as ‘Vin’. My father was named for him. There only is a first edition of this book. I was set to republish this work myself, but the lady referred to above unfortunately beat me to it after I unwittingly shared family history with her. To whom is the dedication in your copy?

  2. Joanna Tilsley

    I feel that I should also add that, contrary to the statement in this blog, the above mentioned lady is not related to the Tilsley family by marriage or in any other way.

    1. tmn

      Corrected. Thanks.

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