Gloria Guardia: Tiniebla blanca [White Darkness]

The latest addition to my website is Gloria Guardia‘s Tiniebla blanca [White Darkness]. The unnamed narrator, like Guardia, is a Panamanian student at Vassar College. One evening, while in New York, she has forgotten her money and tracks down an uncle and aunt, Antonio and Carmen. They are very friendly but she soon discovers that Antonio is perhaps too friendly. However, Carmen is eager to assure her that she is like the daughter they never had (they have no children) and hopes that she will help repair their failing marriage. However, when she is staying there one evening, Carmen is absent and uncle and niece behave in a decidedly un-uncle-and-niece like manner. Guardia was only twenty and still at Vassar when she wrote this. I hope it was not autobiographical.

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