The latest addition to my website is Jaan KrossKolme katku vahel; Balthasar Russowi 2 (Between Three Plagues: A People Without a Past). This is the second volume of a four-volume historical novel set in sixteenth century Estonia and recounting the life of Balthasar Russow, the Estonian chronicler of the era. We left him in the previous volume, having fled back to his studies in Germany after being involved in the unsuccessful Peasants’ Revolt. Now he is back in Tallinn, pastor of the Holy Ghost Church and writing his chronicle, which will make him famous (at least in Estonia). Events in Estonia have not improved since the Swedes took over, with regular attacks by the Russian and their allies and the plague appearing regularly. Baltahasar’s chronicle also stirs up some controversy, as not everyone thinks that his truth is their truth and there is even an attempt to sabotage it. It is another fine work by Kross, lively, colourful and never a dull moment.