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Taner Baybars: A Trap for the Burglar


The latest addition to my website is Taner BaybarsA Trap for the Burglar. Though I have two Greek-Cypriots on my website, this is the first Turkish-Cypriot, a man noted mainly for his poetry and for translating Turkish poet Nâzım Hikmet. This is his only published novel, a somewhat odd novel about a couple, John and Jane, who are regularly burgled. The husband builds a complex and sophisticated trap to catch the burglar but it seems possible that the burglar may be one of the couple, not least as both have something to hide from the other. When their friend Valerie comes and asks to stay, because her husband is threatening her, things take a more complicated turn, not least because Valerie’s tale may not be entirely true either and also because John seduces her. It seems very much a novel of its time, i.e. 1965, though it is somewhat different, even if not to everyone’s taste.

A Cypriot novel


Loukis Akritas‘s Νέος με καλάς συστάσεις (Young Man Seeks Position: Good References) is the latest addition to my website and the second Cypriot novel. Both of the Cypriot novels are autobiographical novels. This one is about a young man who leaves Cyprus for Athens in the 1930s but is unable to find any work and suffers considerably – hunger, leaking shoes, poor clothing – while he and many others seek work. It is well told though not particularly original. However, the scenes where he is really is desperate are excellent.

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