Jorge Enrique Lage: La Autopista: The Movie Freeway- La Movie)

The latest addition to my website is Jorge Enrique Lage‘s La Autopista: The Movie Freeway- La Movie. Set in mid-twenty-first century Havana, this surrealist/absurdist novel recounts the adventures of the unnamed narrator and his friend El Autista (meaning the Autistic Person) around the massive Freeway linking Havana to the USA. The two men have a … Read more

The Mad Patagonian

Yesterday I wrote a post on Javier Pedro Zabala’s The Mad Patagonian in which I felt that the novel was not entirely what it purported to be, i.e. a translation from Zabala’s Spanish original. I showed, or tried to show, that there were no such people as Zabala, his wife and his translator and that … Read more

Fake News, Fake Mad Patagonian

A couple of days ago, I posted a review of a book called The Mad Patagonian by an unknown Cuban author called Javier Pedro Zabala. The book was 1200+ pages long and while it certainly was not a bad book, it was not a great book. I did, however, enjoy reading it. For various reasons … Read more

Javier Pedro Zabala: The Mad Patagonian

The latest addition to my website is Javier Pedro Zabala‘s The Mad Patagonian. This novel was not published in the author’s lifetime and, indeed though it was written in Spanish, it has never been published in Spanish, as the Venezuelan publisher who was to publish it went bankrupt so it only exists in English. It … Read more