Selma Dabbagh: Out of It

The latest addition to my website is Selma Dabbagh‘s Out of It. The book opens in Gaza with the Mujahed family and their friends and neighbours. Rashid is eager to go to a London where he has a scholarship to study and a girlfriend. His twin sister, Iman, is involved in a women’s group and is eager for more direct action. Their older brother.Sabri, lost his wife, young son and both his legs in a bomb attack. The story revolves around who betrayed Sabri, a secret kept by their parents (father now in the Gulf, mother in Gaza) and the involvement of a PLO man, son of two Palestinian heroes. However we also follow Rashid, who does his bit but really just wants out of it and to live an easy life with a girlfriend, smoking dope. Dabbagh tells an excellent story of the clash of Rashid’s approach and the other,more committed Palestinians.

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