Ghassan Zaqtan: حيث اختفى الطائر : رواية (Where the Bird Disappeared)

The latest addition to my website is Ghassan Zaqtan‘s حيث اختفى الطائر : رواية (Where the Bird Disappeared). This is the second book in a loose trilogy. I have already read and reviewed the first one and the third one. This is short, effectively a novella. We follow two boys, Yahya and Zakariyya in a Palestinian village, Zakariyya (same name as the boy) , which we also visit in the third novel. They explore and find hiding places. But, suddenly, the Nakba arrives and the now young men, after a defence with inadequate weapons have to flee. Yahya is captured, Zakariyya wanders around and, eventually goes back to Zakariyya to find what happened to Yahya. It is a sad tale but a poetical one, evoking memories of a lost life.

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