Sebastijan Pregelj: V Elvisovi sobi (In Elvis’s Room)

The latest addition to my website is Sebastijan Pregelj‘s V Elvisovi sobi (In Elvis’s Room). This is definitely a book of two halves. It starts as a Bildungsroman, telling the story of Jan, initially a young boy in Yugoslavia, living in Ljubljana in the 980s. We follow all the issues of his growing-up but, at the same time, in the background, there are various events such as Tito’s illness and then death. Gradually we see the break-up of Yugoslavia. But now Jan is doing military service and events are taking place beyond Yugoslavia such as the fall of rhe Berlin wall. When he returns from miliary service, Slovenia declares its independence and he is very much involved in that as there is resistance to Slovenia’s search for freedom. It is a very enjoyable book but more exciting in the second part. As a bonus(?) I have added a review by Google’sAI Bard.

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