Jon Fosse: Trilogien (Trilogy)

The latest addition to my website is Jon Fosse‘s Trilogien (Trilogy). This work consists of three linked novels. We start with Alida and Asle. Both are seventeen. Asle’s father is dead and his mother now dies, meaning he has to leave the boathouse where he and his mother lived. Alida’s father is also dead and she does not get on with her mother, not least because she is very pregnant. The couple leave for Bjørgvin (i.e. Bergen) but it is not clear how they obtained a boat and money. In Bjørgvin they cannot find lodgings but, again, somehow do so. In the next one we see another couple – Olav and Åsta – who seem remarkably similar to Alida and Asle. Olav heads for Bjørgvin but things do not work out well. The final novella moves the story ahead many years year and features the deceased Alida talking to her daughter. As always with Fosse it is strange but masterful writing.

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