Nino Haratischwili: Juja (Juja)

The latest addition to my website is Nino Haratischwili‘s Juja (Juja). We follow the stories of several people, mainly women, who seemed ti be connected to Jeanne Saré. Saré, whose story we also follow, lived a lonely life, writing her depressing thoughts in an exercise book, before throwing herself in front of a train. The book was published and fifteen of the women who read it also killed themselves. The other people – one of the suicides, an Australian woman who read it, the author herself, a French writer (the only male) and, in particular, a Dutch art historian , Laura) – are all connected. Laura investigates with the help of a Danish student and they can initially find no evidence for the existence of Saré. Was she fictitious? But then it seems maybe she did exist. As always a first-class novel from Haratischwili, if somewhat depressing.

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