Guillaume Lecasble: Lobster (Lobster)

The latest addition to my website is Guillaume Lecasble‘s Lobster (Lobster). We follow the story of a lobster who, along with his parents, is caught and placed in an aquarium in a restaurant. His parents are cooked but just as he is placed in the pot, there is a huge bang and the pot is overturned. He escapes. We now realise he is on the Titanic. However he has espied and been attracted to a human, Angelina, and before the ship sinks and they escape, they make mad passionate love. The rest of the book follows their respective tales of lost love as they escape in a lifeboat while Lobster eventually returns to the deep. While it may seem silly, it certainly is not. Lecasble’s MO is subverting reality and this is what he has done here, as in his other books. Passion between a human and lobster is nonsensical in the real world but literature is not the real world and Lecasble has us looking at things in a different way and very original way.

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