Eugene Vodolazkin: Оправдание Острова (A History of the Island)

The latest addition to my website is Eugene Vodolazkin‘s Оправдание Острова (A History of the Island). This is the history of an imaginary island, told both in a series of sometimes contradictory chronicles as well as with commentary by the 347 (sic) year old former royal couple. The story takes us from the early days – arrival of books and Christianity – to the modern days when we have had our Russian Revolution and post-Soviet era. Despite some similarities with the real world, there are a lot of differences, some highly imaginative such as the age of the royal couple, some deliberate distortions (the story of Noah in the Bible is altered), strange prophecies and a cast of decidedly mixed people – good and evil, corrupt and honest. It was an interesting attempt to create a new world but at times chronicles can be less than exciting.

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