Jordi Cussà: Cavalls salvatges (Wild Horses)

The latest addition to my website is Jordi Cussà‘s Cavalls salvatges (Wild Horses). The story shows that in many small towns in Catalonia in the 1980s, most young people were heroin junkies. The story is narrated to a great extent by Lex, clearly based on the author, and he and virtually all of the fairly large cast spend their time shooting up heroin, with some casual sex and some rock’n’roll. They deal drugs, they steal, they get high, they die – from AIDS, overdoses, hepatitis, suicide and various drug-related complications. Some go to prison. Some try to give up, rarely succeeding. No-one quits horse. Once you get in the saddle you’re in it for life, says one character. Why do they do it? I still believe that at the outset of our addiction we were hooked not just on the drugs but also on the lifestyle that came with them, says Lex. Jordi Cussà himself died from a respiratory condition, presumably drug-related,as he was a serious heroin junkie. It is a sad story but one that is likely to put you off heroin abuse.

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