Manuel Astur: San: el libro de los milagros (Of Saints and Miracles)

The latest addition to my website is Manuel Astur‘s San: el libro de los milagros (Of Saints and Miracles). Marcelino, a naive young man living in Asturias, a remote rural part of Spain, is cheated out of his farm by his conniving brother (who takes after their drunken, violent father). He kills his brother and flees to the hills. He manages – just – to keep one step ahead of the police but soon becomes not just a local folk hero – tourists come from miles around to try and get a glimpse of him -but is even declared a saint, with the eponymous miracles occurring. He is oblivious to it all, intent on merely surviving. Astur mixes in the story of Marcelino’s hard childhood, local myths and local anecdotes as well as a view of life in a remote part of the country.

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  1. D. P. Snyder

    Where is the translator’s name in this blurb? Not be be found! Please get with it: #TranslatorsOnTheCover

    1. tmn

      Instead of being abusive, try looking at the review

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