Nabile Farès: La Découverte du nouveau monde (Discovery of the New World)

The latest addition to my website is Nabile FarèsLa Découverte du nouveau monde (Discovery of the New World). This is a trilogy of books first published French in the 1970s. Farès and his father were very much involved in the Algerian War of Independence but were very disappointed with the outcome, in particular the dictatorship that took over and the Arabisation of Algeria (at the expense of Berbers). Farès went into exile in France and these books (and other books he wrote) deal with these issues: exile, identity and leaving, French colonialism, the War of Independence and where it al went wrong. These are not particularly easy books to read – Farès plays around with language and often has an impressionistic or even Joycean/surrealist approach – but they are key works of Algerian literature and it is good that they are finally available in English and well worth reading.

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