Martín Caparrós: Sinfin [Endless]

The latest addition to my website is Martín CaparrósSinfin [Endless]. The key theme of the book is immortality. We follow the development from the present time to 2072 of a system called 天, Chinese for heaven, which is a fairly sophisticated way of transferring the human brain to a smart machine, replete with artificial intelligence and virtual reality so that, after death, we can all live the life we want. Caparrós goes into considerable detail about the various steps along the way, which, inevitably, are not always straightforward. At the same time,we are following world events (bad), the takeover of the Chinese and the real story (as opposed to the official story), as told by our investigative narrator, who finds the real truth behind the project which, inevitably, is not as it seems. It is an excellent book, not least because Caparrós goes into considerable detail about how the project was developed, including its failures and success and still finds time to mock that nice Mr. Trump.

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