Jens Dittmar: Sterben kann jeder [Anyone Can Die]

The latest addition to my website is Jens Dittmar‘s Sterben kann jeder [Anyone Can Die]. This is the first novel from Liechtenstein on my site and, inevitably, it has not been translated into any other language. We follow the story of Jodok, a Liechtenstein national, and his wife, Ilse, a German national, who lives with her husband in Liechtenstein after the war. Jodok is killed in a fire in 1972. Ilse lives for many years later and, for much of the story, is in an old people’s home, reminiscing about her time with Jodok, to her son, Lorenz. While we follow their story and Dittmar throws in a few tangents, the main plot, which takes up only a small part of the book is why did Jodok die? Was it murder, suicide and or accident? All is – sort of – revealed at the end.

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