Oswald de Andrade: Serafim Ponte Grande (Seraphim Grosse Pointe)

The latest addition to my website is Oswald de Andrade‘s Serafim Ponte Grande (Seraphim Grosse Pointe). This novel, published in 1933, is an avant-garde, absurdist work. De Andrade switches between various styles – courtroom drama, poetry, dialogue letters, journalism, even dictionary entries – as he tells, in fragments, the story of Seraphim Grosse Pointe, a civil servant, who seemingly kills his boss, his unhappy marriage, forced on him in a courtroom, and his travels to Paris and the Middle East. He has failed love affairs, inadvertently ends up in the Belgian Congo and declares that Christ was born in Bahia. It is all nonsensical, but witty, satirical and completely subversive of the traditional novel.

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