César Aira: Los misterios de Rosario [The Mysteries of Rosario]

The latest addition to my website isCésar Aira‘s Los misterios de Rosario [The Mysteries of Rosario]. The novel is partially concerned with climate change and the end of the world. It is set in Rosario, Argentina, and during October, when the weather is normally very mild, there is a raging snowstorm, with the temperature well below freezing. Our hero. Alberto Giordano, a literature professor at the Faculty of Humanities, is struggling with various issues. No-one has signed up for his latest class. He is hooked on the (fictitious) drug proxidine, which is having an effect on his health. He fears that the weather, if not bringing about the end of the world, as several of the other characters suggest, might at least lead to the end of Rosario. We follow him and his friends as they struggle with a host of identity issues, such as confusing people they know well. But with a Peronist plot, a kidnapping, TVs working despite a city-wide power cut, a talking snowman and the nature of reality, this is Aira as always taking us where we do not expect to be lead.

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