Ahmet Altan: Son Oyun (Endgame)

The latest addition to my website is Ahmet Altan‘s Son Oyun (Endgame). Altan and his brother are both currently serving a lifetime prison sentence because of their alleged involvement in the 2016 coup in Turkey. This novel is about an unnamed novelist who goes to an idyllic seaside resort to write his novel and finds that it is in fact in the middle of a serious gang war. He witnesses two murders and, as we learn right at the beginning of the book, has himself shot someone (though we do not know who or why till the end of the book). In the meantime, dodging the bullets, he manages to have affairs with three women, including the women of the town’s two most powerful and most dangerous men. It is naturally all going to end badly and does.

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  1. I highly recommend his Ottoman Quartet. I read the first part, “Like a Sword Wound” in the Romanian translation and it was very good. Apparently, he wrote 3 of the 4 and all of those are translated in English. Have you thought about reading them?


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